PearlArc® Care

User Care Instructions:

Your PearlArc® sink has had a three stage surface treatment process applied to produce a smooth, coloured, hardwearing surface.

The kitchen sink is one of the harshest environments in the home, with daily uses ranging from food preparation, washing dishes and cutlery, soaking pots and pans, and even the occasional cleaning of your BBQ grill. As such you can expect the sinks surface to develop a patina that reflects its duty of service.

On a daily basis you should give the sink a quick once‐over with your normal sink cloth, some warm water, and dishwashing liquid. Occasionally you may want to give the sink a more thorough clean.

Do NOT use harsh abrasive materials such as steel‐wool or heavy‐duty scouring pads.

You can however use Zomodo conditioning oil or mineral oil, and a soft dish cloth, and follow this procedure:

  1. Apply a thin layer of oil across the sinks surface and then rub with the cloth in a circular motion. This will remove build‐up of food fats and other liquids used in the sink.
  2. Remove the excess oil with paper towel.
  3. If there are more stubborn areas, you can use a soft nylon pad to rub off the deposits.

The sink has a nano‐resin layer which provides a non‐stick surface. If you are too aggressive with the sink surface this layer could be disrupted. This won’t damage the sink as such, however the sinks smooth outer coating could be removed.

Chemicals to avoid using on your PearlArc products:

  • pH Level 0 ‐ 1 (e.g. hydrochloric acid, battery acid)
  • pH Level 14 (e.g. sodium hydroxide, drain cleaner)
  • Do not let liquid with low pH level sit on the sink surface for long periods of time (48+hrs), always wash off liquids after use (low pH = lemon juice, vinegar)
  • Do not let liquid with high pH level sit on the sink surface for long periods of time (48+hrs), always wash off liquids after use (high pH = bleach, ammonia)
  • Do not use abrasive (gritty) cleaners (e.g. Jeff, Gumption)