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Stainless Steel Lotion Dispenser

Add extra functionality to your kitchen with a Zomodo Lotion Dispenser. Perfectly colour matched to your PearlArc sink & tap, the lotion dispenser will look seamless in your kitchen design.

The stainless steel lotion dispenser nozzles are tested up to 30,000 cycles, and work with any lotion or liquid soap, so you don’t have to have extra containers of hand soap or dish soap cluttering your bench top.

Rio Bronze Lotion Dispenser

Products in the Stainless Steel Lotion Dispenser Range:

Stainless Steel Colander

Zomodo PearlArc Colanders are hand-crafted from premium 1mm SUS304 stainless steel, making them durable, long lasting & dishwasher safe. Your colander will drop smoothly into your sink, resting on the sinks top-edge, for convenient use from its suspended position.

The perfect kitchen accessory to wash & drain vegetables, strain pasta, or can be used as a mini drying basket for glasses or cutlery. So versatile you won’t know how you lived without it!

Zomodo Colander

Products in the Stainless Steel Colander Range:

Stainless Steel Drainer Tray

Zomodo’s functional and stylish Drainer Trays are now available in our unique PearlArc finish. They are cleverly designed to fit on top of your sink bowl thus turning a double bowl into a single bowl and drainer.

Alternatively the tray can locate on the bench next to your sink enabling water to drain off your dishes and flow straight into the sink bowl.

Zomodo Black Pearl Drainer Tray

Products in the Stainless Steel Drainer Tray Range:

Fibre-Rock® Cutting Board

Zomodo has developed a new range of cutting boards/trivets that utilise our new Fibre-Rock® material.

These boards are knife-friendly, hardwearing, and extremely strong which enables a much thinner profile than standard cutting boards. Dishwasher safe, hygienic, and able to withstand temperatures up to 140C degrees the Zomodo Fibre-Rock® boards will last for years!

Presented in matte black material and incorporating non-slip buffers, that also position over the sink, the boards perfectly complement sinks in our PearlArc range.

Zomodo Fibre-Rock®

Products in the Fibre-Rock® Cutting Board Range:

Stainless Steel Roller Mat

Zomodo’s supremely functional Roller Mat’s are now available in our unique PearlArc finish. They are  designed to sit over your sink bowl, resting on the bench, to give you the ideal drying mat. With anti-slip silicon edging, and rigid SUS304 stainless steel bars, it is durable and stable.

Perfect for drying glassware, cutlery or crockery directly above your sink bowl, where water will drip into, or use it to dry your washed vegetables & fruit.

Zomodo PearlArc Rollmat

Products in the Stainless Steel Roller Mat Range: