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Stainless Steel Drainer Tray

Zomodo’s functional and stylish Drainer Trays are now available in our unique PearlArc finish. They are cleverly designed to fit on top of your sink bowl thus turning a double bowl into a single bowl and drainer.

Alternatively the tray can locate on the bench next to your sink enabling water to drain off your dishes and flow straight into the sink bowl.


Products in the Stainless Steel Drainer Tray Range:

Fibre-Rock™ Cutting Board

Zomodo has developed a new range of cutting boards/trivets that utilise our new Fibre-Rock™ material.

These boards are knife-friendly, hardwearing, and extremely strong which enables a much thinner profile than standard cutting boards. Dishwasher safe, hygienic, and able to withstand temperatures up to 140C degrees the Zomodo Fibre-Rock™ boards will last for years!

Presented in matte black material and incorporating non-slip buffers, that also position over the sink, the boards perfectly complement sinks in our PearlArc range.

Zomodo Fibre-Rock

Products in the Fibre-Rock™ Cutting Board Range: